Bilinual helps you improve your language skill by providing books that are annotated with translation hints.
Is it possible to improve the translations? Yes. First please consider that bilinual doesn't try to translate books, but annotates them with translation and language hints. While you should not rely on the translations as a full text, if you don't the meaning of a word the hints hopefully give you enough clues to guess the right translation without much hassle. We are working on speeding up the tool - a proper language model is huge and therefore requires a lot of cpu power and memory that we cannot afford if we want to keep the service free. Parallelization is possible if the cost for extra resources can be obtained.
Proper annotations are selected by a machine learning algorithm that is powered by Google Word2Vec and SpaCy libraries. All books are in the public domain in the U.S and are avaialble as a part of "Project Gutenberg".
This project was not possible without these open projects and libraries: Nginx, Flask, Celery, SQLite, WordNet, NLTK, SpaCy, jQuery
Feel free to contact me at bilinualcom/at/gmail/dot/com or using the form in the right top corner if you have any questions or requests.

Bilinual how it works